Writing is a gift. To be good at your gift, you need to keep writing.

                                                        ~Lisa Powell 2013~



  As an author-writer it seems when I  start a novel out one way. It always ends up in a different direction. That's one great thing about the imagination, it's very unpredictable. Just like life, it's unpredictable.

Most of my novels are based on something that might have happened during the day or something someone might have  said. Even from a dream or a song.

Once the character starts to develop there is no stopping it. Of course, that character can't be alone and soon you have a head full of characters running around.  Now you're going crazy!


  When those character's invade your mind, you need to let them out or they will drive you crazy. Sound insane? Well let me tell you, it is. Sometimes they play the same scene over and over in your mind until they get it right. You quickly write down the scene and finally maybe get some peace, for awhile. If it wasn't for those crazy character's running around in someones mind, what kind of books would we have?

What makes a great story at times, is killing off one of the main characters. It's hard, especially when you love that character. So you have to weigh what's best for the book. I have done this a couple of times and cried as I did. But it makes for a great book. 


         I hope you enjoy my writing and would love to hear from you.


Reviews from Cry of a Marksman, plus three 5 star reviews.


Keeps you on the edge of your seat right to the end!!

Barnes&Noble Customer


Reviews from Captured by Fate:


Carolyn Pomeroy:

Mind Blowing Awesome!!!!!, Just finished, can not believe how you weaved such a tale. It was as if I was there, spellbinding, every time I thought I knew where the story was going; Another wonderful surprise.I hate to beg, but I hope that is not all, there is more in time to come from Max and Kate.


Cathy Burke:

I got book 1 also and it is so good!! loving it!! thank you for introducing me to your books!! you have a new fan!!


Witty Cline:

Lisa , I got text today my girlfriend started reading the books last night and never put it down, she finished them both already... LOVED IT LISA!!!!!!


Ida Doreen Guze:

Lisa this is wonderful. I am enjoying read this ...I am going to add this to my collection so I can finish reading this novel. When you publish more please let me know I sure will buy any book you write you are very good.


The Power of Love:


By John D. Boyden: 

This one could easily be 500 pages long. The separate problems Kate and Max have to deal with are constant. although they are not set up as well as I would like, the surprises and solutions happen quickly. They feel rushed. For that matter, I feel rushed reading it! Still this was a fascinating read, full of surprising-to me- revelations.I thought that there was good action with the kidnapping, abrupt, but effective. There are so many things happening. There is powerful writing here too. It may be me, but their love is not coming through as strongly or convincingly as I would like in many scenes. Still, their mutual devotion is very clear. Of course I have not read the first two books, but I will get Max and Kate 4 when it comes out.


Haunted Flames:

By John D. Boyden: 

I'm hoping this will be a series. I like both Jasmine and Cole. Her heroine, Jasmine, is as mixed up and wayward as Lisa's other heroines.


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